It takes a lot of great minds who think both inside and outside of “the box” to create an electric car, and this is why we are comprised of an incredible team of people from various industries, from the Automotive Industry, Energy, Aerospace, Design, Engineering, and Carbon Science etc. We all come together to fully engage Imagineering!

Tommy Alan Raines
President | CEO | Chairman | Founder | Partner

Mr. Raines is a self-taught renegade Industrial Designer; who jams out to Kid-Rock & Lady Gaga while working on designs and brainstorming. Greats like Giorgetto Giugiaro, Syd Mead along with Charles & Ray Eames were some of his inspiring teachers!

Jeff Carver
Vice President | COO | Vice Chairman | Partner

Mr. Carver is an unexpected wolf in the automotive industry. He observes and learns tactical approaches to everything he takes charge of and creates. His Ironman Triathlon spirit - strength, and dedication grab attention in everything he does for Ukeycheyma!

More Bios Coming!

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